An instance is a multi-level dungeon embeded within the world - a special quest area.

Up to three characters can enter an instance at the same time - however only one of them (the group leader) can be active. The other two need to set their characters up as mercenaries, pass the group leader their mercenary passwords and wait for the results. Typically you will try and arrange to have one character of each class.

A character can enter an instance up to three times a day (although they can buy additional entries and they occasionally turn up as special rewards). Four times at level 84.

when you reach level 50, you could also challenge instances 20 levels below your level for free (does not cost AP or instance time) once a day.

each instance costs 1 instance time and some action points

Full instance list (current as of May 23, 2011)

Instance Name Req. Level Recomm. Level Zone Layers Instance Gear Reference Page
Claymose Altar 27 32 Glancer 2 Claymose Altar Gear
BloodAxe Camping Ground 33 38 Glancer 3 BloodAxe Camping Ground Gear
Nether Wind Fort 43 47 Thunderclap 4 Nether Wind Fort Gear
Silent Hill 52 56 Thunderclap 3

Silent Hill Gear

Tus Camping Ground 57 60 Pandar Prarie 3 Tus Camping Ground Gear
Ancient Stone Statue Group 63 66 Pandar Prarie 3 Ancient Stone Statue Group Gear
Cold Wind Grave 67 70 Orcmu 3 Cold Wind Grave Gear
Orcmu 73 75 Orcmu 4 Orcmu Gear
Splitpaw Mine 77 80 Orclar 3 Splitpaw Mine Gear
Ancient Arena 83 85 Orclar 3 Ancient Arena Gear
Sandwalker's Den 87 90 Unliving Desert 3 Sandwalker's Den Gear
Flaming Dragonnest 93 95 Unliving Desert 3 Flaming Dragonnest Gear
RotTrace Mire 97 100 Crystal Coast 3 RotTrace Mire Gear
Mutas Shrine 103 105 Crystal Coast 3 Mutas Shrine Gear
Death Cape 107 110 Orcter 3 Death Cape Gear
Orcter 113 115 Orcter 4 Orcter Gear
Despair Plain 117 120 Disarn 3 Despair Plain Gear